Damn I Love Puffy Nipples!

Yesterday I left work early in the afternoon and decided to go to the mall just to watch the school girls. I was seated on a bench in the "cross roads" of the mall. I watched several tight assed teens walking by, some in jeans some in short skirts, while the views were nice there were no down blouse or panty shots. That is until this older man walked by with a young girl. She was kind of cute in her jeans & long sleeved t shirt and had some small ****. What I couldnt see until they were coming towards me a second time and much closer to me was she had some puffy nipples showing thru. You couldnt see thru her t shirt but I could definetly tell they were braless puffies. They actually stood in front of me a few minutes while the man read the reader board map and the girl stood facing my way. Jesus how I love those puffies. I hoped they came by a 3rd time, but didnt happen. Oh well it gave me some fantasy material for later that night after the wife had gone to bed!
glyder1949 glyder1949 61-65, M 4 Responses Mar 6, 2012

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I got so hard reading your story... made me want more! I like doing this too, also I bet the man had her dress that way, I know a certain guy who does the same with his wife's dau.

OMFG you lucky dog ,i just love young puffys

me too! Love to hear about what turns you on about them.... I crave young puffs

I wish I could have been there with you.

me too, i'd be strokin

Good idea I'm retired and have some time to go too the mall.Puffy nipples are a big turn on