Snuggly Puggly

Pugs are my favourite breed of dog, although I love all dogs.

They just hold so much personality in their little snuggly bodies! I think everyone can agree that they're all freakin' hilarious.

My pug is my closest friend. His name's Bailey, he's nine and a half, and I've had him for about nine years. He's very cheeky, is overly obsessed with food (even for a dog), and loves to laze around, go for walkies and sun-bake. He makes me laugh all the time, and is always there when I need a furry dog to cry on.

Even though I wish with all my heart Bailey could live as long as I can, I plan to always have a pug throughout my life. I'd also love a puggle (beagle x pug), or a boxer. Apparently boxers and pugs make a great pair.

HeartsWillHold HeartsWillHold
18-21, F
1 Response May 28, 2010

My last girlfriend wanted a pug and not only that she wanted to call it Doug, Doug the Pug!