In January 2007, I adopted (read: purchased from a breeder) a 6 weeks old black pug.  I picked him out of a litter of a sister (already spoken for) and another brother.  My puggy was the runt.  He costed $400, when pugs typically run from $800 to $1,000.

Let me backpedal a bit...

My boyfriend and I were living in a studio apartment and wanted a puppy.  We had some college money enough to fulfill our one desire for a dog.  It didn't even have to be a puppy, but small-sized enough to run around in our small, studio apartment.  So, he suggested a pug, and I thought, wow, they're probably expensive.  I had never really seen one up close, so when we found an ad, we jumped at the chance to meet the little puppies.

My friend took us to the breeders' home since it was in her area (she lived about 25 minutes from us at the time).  It was a very clean environment, with a happy, fat puggy mom closely observing her litter.  I was thrilled and I immediately fell in love with the one I have today.  He was very cuddly, climbed up against me, and I held him against my chest.  He fell asleep right there.

Today, he is Ozzy Yona (Ozzy bear).  When he does his Pugtona (frantic darting up and down all over the place), we call it Ozzfest.  He's moshpitting! He is fully black except for a little white diamond on his chest.  He is a year old and he is still very small.  I suspect it's because he's a runt, and plus he is really a miniature pug, rather than a regular, normal-sized pug.  I was surprised since he is smaller than BOTH his mother and father.

He is amazing, but he is also a lot of work.  His eyes need to be carefully checked on everyday (pugs have a higher risk of eye infection and blindness at young age), his joints need less impact (he often jumps from high places and it's not good for short-legged dogs), and he needs good food that doesn't affect his allergies (pugs will almost always be allergic to anything).

He is the love of our life! He gurgles, snorts, woofs softly, and hardly ever barks.  He always needs to be following one of us around, to be close by.  We take him everywhere as much as we can, he hates to be left behind.  If we leave him in his kennel when we have to go out, we often return to see his chest soaked with drool from him frantically trying to get out of the kennel.  He is only relaxed and able to sleep when one of us is nearby.

He is worth it! Pugs are fantastic.

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Hi Just thought I would share my PUG for allergy diet with you but I does take some work on your part. If you love Ozzy you may consider home cooking. It is so much easier to control their allergies when you know exactly what is in their food. Althought I lost my Pug to PDE, she was hard the most beautiful shinny coat, and her blood work was also perfect. Mostly she never suffered from allergies. She used to get very mucusy in the throat with any type of beef products. Marley's receipe<br />
<br />
Large package of chicken thights<br />
Frozen veggies or broccoli, califlower and carrots<br />
Brown Rice<br />
Visabit vitamins from your Vet<br />
<br />
I would just bake the chicken in a covered dish with pure olive oil, parsely,and basil, for less then an hour, I would throw a pkg of the frozen veggies on top to cook for an additional 15 mins covered. Keep all of the juice from the pan Cook Brown rice<br />
<br />
You can use a food processor to chop but do not puriee may it like a baby stew<br />
<br />
You want to mix 1 cup of chopped chicken with 1 cup chopped veggies and 1 cup of brown rice along with all of the juice from the pan<br />
Once the mixture is blended - freeze individually in muffin tins. <br />
My Ms Marley would eat 3 pucks a day breakfast, lunch and dinner.<br />
If she ever got hungry I just gave her a 1/4 cup of cherrios (beware some dogs are allergic to glutin if this is the case you will need to find a fortified gluten free treat) NOW has some great products - And that is Marley allergy free meals<br />
love and light to you and you Pug<br />
love and light <br />
s<br />
<br />
The visabit vitamin cab be given whole as a treat daily

wow dogs are a joy