Rescued a Pug

My son wanted a pug and my wife had been looking for a puppy when she found an ad for a 6 month old pug in the newspaper. She went to the sellers and found a beautiful fawn mail that had been terribly neglected. He had a severe case of mange and they hadn't taken him to the vet. When she asked them how he walked on a leash they said he had never been walked. She said she couldn't leave him there so she paid them and brought him home. We took him to the vet and got some medicine for his mange. It took several weeks but it cleared up completely. He loves to walk but he was so wild the first few times that we had to replace his collar with a harness. He would turn around and pop out of his collar and take off running. He thought it was great fun. He gets along well with our collie and they seem to have formed a two member pack. He loves to sit on your lap. We have had him about six years now.

coldinmichigan coldinmichigan
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Pugs are dog babies,just like Pekes are.If I'm ever lucky enough to get a black Pug, I've got the name picked out,2pug Shakur,and you better believe that he/she is going to live the Pug Life .The wrinkles on their head just means how wise they are!

He sounds like quite a cutie. You should put him on EP Pets!