I must do if I got 4 of them at home... lol I had many different types of dogs and i've been a dog groomer so I have worked with all sorts of dogs all different kind of breeds... but i have to say that the pugs are the best dogs!

They are small, cuddly, funny, furry and got the most loving cute personality! They are obedience! I taught the pugs to do high five which i think is pretty awesome! :D

When you have a bad day they do make you feel better! They always say hello to you with their uplifting energy with a very waggy tail, bright eyes and jumping up to say hello! I love how you can walk in a room and they run to you and follow you around which i find is cute!

I do give them cuddles and strokes as it makes me feel better and i love taking them for a walk!

They're just a bundle of fun and they're always there for you never let you down which is nice to have a lifelong companion!

I would recommend anybody to have a pug!
LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
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1 Response Aug 3, 2014

I love pugs, too! Just look at my profile pic!

Awww :) shame mine can't fit in a cup! haha