My Heart Pug

Hormones led me to Lola. I was feeling depressed after a phone call from my mother and pms didn't help. A trip to the pet store always cheered me, so off I went.

There were four pugs in the petting area, 2 boys, 2 girls. I'd never been For or Against pugs, but my husband had always said that he wanted one someday. 

I held all of them and was smitten. When my husband got home, I begged him to come with me to the pet store--just to look. We went back and forth. Should we? Should we not? I told him, "I can't decide. I'm going to leave it up to you" and I PRAYED he'd come home with a pug.....and he did

He chose Lola because she did a jump/twist to get his attention. If I'd been choosing I wouldn't have picked a jump/twister. I'd have gone for the shy quiet one...and how wrong I would have been.

I adored her. I was so greedy with her. I couldn't help myself. The feeling was mutual. To my utter delight she adored me back. But, as I was to find out, a pug may adore you, but they are nobody's doormat. If I left the house she wouldn't speak to me for awhile. If it was wet outside, she would place her poo directly in front of the toilet and no amount of scolding or begging has ever changed it. I took her everywhere I could get away with. I had an idea she could be a therapy dog, but there were 2 problems with that: one; she's moody. Image how bad it would feel if you were snubbed by the therapy dog! Two;, she has a phobia of wheeled things, including wheelchairs.

She's the most amazing girl. She knows when I feel bad (I have chronic pain) and lays next to me and I swear she sends me healing rays. She's a fussy little princess and gets everything she wants. The softest pillow, her milk bone broken up for her. I don't care. I'd do anything for her because she does so much for me. She is my dear companion, always by my side. If I'm talking to someone and the conversation gets emotional, even a little bit, Lola does her "woo-woo-woo". It means "Settle down now. Do not upset Mama".

Actually, she's the Mama. I took a bad spill and bruised my whole shin and she tenderly licked it every day for hours. An ongoing ear infection...she was crazy to try to get at my ear. She would sneak up at night and try, but her snorts gave her away.

We have two more pugs now and I'm a pug maniac. I totally love them, but we don't have that incredible connection Lola and I have. My husband says she's almost the other half of me. It's corny, but when I look into her soul-full eyes, I can't help but whisper, "Thank you for coming to me".


Fitzbella Fitzbella
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

i love pugs and want one really badley they are so sweet.

What a sweet and tender story. I grew up with a pug and have always loved them. I hope to get one in a few years.