My boyfriend has a puggle but you wouldn't know she was a puggle by looking at her. She has the pug look with a beagle howl and it is the best. She's so pure and wonderful and perfect. I love her to pieces.

I love her snoring and how she plops down anywhere to sleep. I love that she steals money and hides it in her bed. I love that she sleeps in and you have to drag her out of bed.

I love how she eats her food, where she takes out the pieces she doesn't like out of her bowl and sets them aside. I taught her to shake for treats and I love seeing her shake, she shakes with a purpose.

I love how excited she is for rides and walks. I love her crazy running after a bath and how she chews on a toy to fall asleep. I love her howling and how pitiful she looks when she wants to go outside.

I love how she always wants to be laying on or near you, how she'll follow you around the house, and how she seems to be happiest when snuggling with you.

She's not an excessive barker, she doesn't bite or growl, she doesn't potty inside, she's not destructive, she loves literally everyone, even little kids that poke and prod her. She is a good dog. One day I will get my own just like her. They will be sisters.
oyhoy oyhoy
26-30, F
Sep 27, 2015