Scared The **** Right Out Of You

I need to give a shout out to "Tinymuel" for suggesting this prank to me I like to do bathroom pranks and I must admit this one was pretty good.

As many of you know I like fireworks and stuff that makes a big boom, dont worry it wasnt anything dangerous, but I have some sparklers and snappers (TNT Pop Its) left over from the fourth of july so I thought I would test this prank out.
I would normally try it on my mom but since I cant mess with her, dad was the next canadate, and out of everyone in the house he can usually take a joke better than anyone else.

My dad has a pretty good sized off in our house half of it is his work area and the other half is a lounge (mancave) thats the only room in the house my mom hasn't ever redecorated, he's got a pool table, wet bar, all his hunting trophies and lots of other junk guys like.
If your ever looking for him chances are he will be in there, so I thought his bathroom would be the perfect place to set up the prank and that way he would be the only one to get it whereas if I set it up in the master bathroom I would risk getting my mom : /.

My dad always has a lot of paperwork he has to do and important stuff to sign, so right after breakfast I snuck in his and set up the snappers under the  toilet seat, (those are completely harmless you can throw them at people and step on them and they wont do anything but POP.)
We're not allowed to be in there alone so I snuck out as quickly as I snuck in and waited in the hall, I knew it wouldnt be long, I know their schedules...... everyone has to "go" in the morning after breakfast ha ha ha.

15 minutes later just as I had predicted he went in the bathroom, and exactly 8.66 seconds later I heard a few small pops and then "AUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH LEEEEXXXXIIIIIIIII WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!"
hahahahahahahaha :'D I was rolling on the ground laughing ha ha ha its always funny when you get a guy to scream, they dont usually have a high pictched scream usually more low but its a scream none the less.

He sounded mad so I left him to finish his business and went up stairs and started playing a video game, I thought if it looks like i'm distracted with something else maybe he won't it was me.
Only one small the only prankster in the house.

Maybe ten minutes later my dad came up and armed with a switch and stood in front of the t.v. :-O uh oh im in trouble, but I tried to remain calm and keep a straight face :-I.
"I have reason to believe, the suprise under my toilet seat had something to do with YOUR SHENANIGANS!!!!"

:-I I tried to keep a straight face but its hard when you heard the person you just pranked scream like a girl :'D ha ha ha ha ha I couldnt hold it I burst out laughing and said "Awwwww i'm sorry dad bet I probably scared the ****  (rhymes with spit) right out of you.".....................I know shouldnt have said the last part but I couldn't resist ha ha ha.
He grabbed me and I got about 15 whacks with that switch, not sure if he was more mad about the snappers or me saying a bad word,  didnt hurt much though I didnt even cry,  I was still laughing when he got done.

He had to get back to work so he didnt lecture long but his last words were "NO MORE PRANKS INVOLVING TOILETS!!!!!!! AND NO MORE CUSSING BEHAVE!!!!!!!!!!"
I quickly replied "Yes Sir : /" and I actually didnt do anymore pranks that day, but I want to try this on my brother Clay and my aunt and uncle will be coming to stay with us in a week, so I could do it on them too. wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2012