Dallas Society Meets Steward And Remy

Today my mom had her annual womens tea and luncheon, its a high class event and she invited all snobby rich friends, now as i have expressed before in previous story, I am not fond of rich people they can be excessive, overall annoying, and these ladies are just snobby they actually act more like aristocrates, I guess because most of them come from generations and generations of wealth families, but anyway it wouldnt hurt to take those  botoxed old bats down a notch.
Every year I prank this tea party, and so a few days ago I began scheming up a plan. Last year I put worms in the cucumber sandwiches, and the year before that I put whiskey in the tea pot,  it didnt end well for me both of those times but this year I had the wonderful advantage of coming down with a terrible cold the night before

Last night I went out riding but I didnt take a slicker with me and I got caught up in a bad storm and came home soaked to the skin, my mom took all the precautions to make sure I didnt get sick because she thought I might catch pneumonia like last year, but this morning I woke up with a high fever, cough,  and a runny nose.
I have a weak chest so I get sick pretty often, but other than having to take horrible tasting medicine, its not so bad I get to sleep and watch tv and play video games and my mom and sister bring me whatever I ask.
My moms plan was for my dad to take me out fishing, so I wouldnt be around to prank her party, but he said that I was too sick too go today but maybe tomorrow afternoon if I felt better. I of course was disappointed but also very pleased because if I was sick then i could get away with a prank and not be punished.

So back to the pranking story a few days ago my EP mom was giving me ideas and she told me this really funny story involving a pet mouse, I thought that would be the perfect idea so I called up my friend Jake and asked if i could borrow his two pet rats for a while.
This morning the fine linens were washed, the china dusted and the silver polished and the house decorated with flowers and a bunch of lace junk.
The staff was preparing the food and desserts so I thought why not help them  a little bit , I took the sugar dish and switched it with salt, that is an ancient pranks but it never gets old.
The I took some hot mustard and put it in one of the pastries, hahahahah someone was going to get a suprise, they I got a dead beetle and hid it in one of the cupcakes.
Around noon all the ladies started showing up, in their fancy dresses and jewels, this year my mom said my little sister Erica could attend as long as she promised to mind her manners and behave, Erica loves tea parties and said she has dreamed about going to real one of her whole life, so she was happy but we would see how proper they all were when I set the rats loose.

Jake showed up some time later with the rats, they were white and grey and actually bigger than I had expected, their names were Steward and Remy. Jake said their favorite food was cheese whizz on Ritz crackers. So I made some snacks  and positioned them under the chair and tables and we set loose the rats. Everyone was sitting around the tables peacefully talking amoungest themselves, when all of the sudden one of the ladies let out an ear piercing scream "SOMETHING TOUCHED MY FOOT!!!!!!" everyone looked at her like she was crazy, then another lady jumped out of her chair and said "THERE IS SOMETHING CRAWLING AROUND UNDER THE TABLE!!!!" Then everyone started screaming and panicing when Remy ran across the room and slipped under the table cloth. Everyone was in complete pandimonium ladies standing on their chairs, and some people didnt know what to  do they were just standing there screaming at the top of their lungs. Steward scurried up to this lady standing on a chair and started eating a cracker that was under the chair she was screaming and almost crying " GET THIS REVOLTING VERMIN AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
hahahahahahahahaha :'D I was watching in the door way rolling around laughing until I couldnt breathe it was actually quite a sight but I had to stop because my chest started hurting, after a while my mom realized that this was no coincidence and she yelled "ALEXIA JUSTINE COME AND GET RID OF THESE RATS THIS INSTANT!!!!!!!!"
Me and Jake caught Steward and Remy and put them back in the cage and sent jake home. My mom yelled at me to go to my room and not bother them again she would deal with me later : / Yikes, but before i left I thought why not have more fun i'm already in trouble so what difference will it make.
I got one of my dads goldfish and put it in the tea pot, along with the fish water, I waited around and listened then heard a terrified shriek.........*gasp* "I DRANK WATER THAT A FISH HAD BEEN SWIMMING AROUND IN!!!!" ha ha ha ha Erica later told me that she held her throat and was breathing like she was choking...............remind me never to get that lame.

I went to my room and played some games but I started feeling really sick again I think the fever was coming back so I layed down and took a long nap, I woke up a few hours later everyone was gone, my mom came up and I assumed she would yell at me and she did a little bit, mostly about stuff like "how dare I embarrass her and stuff like that which I guess is true but she is always having parties so I think I should be allowed to prank one at least. But since I had a fever and I looked like I was pretty sick she wasnt going to punish me although she did give me two extra big doses of that awful medicine yuck :P.
Later that afternoon Erica told me the events of the party, just as I had predicted my Aunt Vicki found the hot mustard pastrie and she spit it across the room.........and they say I am the one who lacks in good manners. she also said the salt and sugar mix up wasnt fun either its not fun drinking salty tea............oh well better than fish water.
And the brownies made everyone want to go to the bathroom really fast...............ha ha ha ha ha ha ha well good maybe all those ladies are so mean because their digestive pranks arents regular so techinally I actually did them a favor;).
Oh and no one found the beetle cupcake ha ha ha so I guess that is still left for some unsuspecting person to find.......... more than likely my brother Clay.
Well looks like I did pretty well with pranking today, I think I scared off all those ladies for good  hopefully they wont ever come back ha haha ha=D

I know sometimes these tracks can be mean but my mom did say sometimes she wants to ring my kneck, and some of my stunts make her blood pressure rise dangerously high but really she thinks it would be boring if I didnt pull a prank every now and then and I have  been trying to cut back on pranks lately, really I have................well cut back on pranks except at tea parties whahahahahahahahahaha

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Sep 8, 2012