In The Mood For Pumpkin

When the weather is gloomy and I don’t feel like working outside, I often cheer myself up by baking a pie. One of my favorites is pumpkin. Libby’s had a shortage of pumpkin pie filling this year, but canned pumpkin was available. I bought some and followed the recipe on the can. Using my own fresh eggs and spices makes it taste even better! I am fortunate to have a great pie shell recipe from my mom, which is always light and flakey.  The aroma of pumpkin pie fills my kitchen. I whip heavy cream with real vanilla for the topping. When the pie cools a little, any glumness is swept away with the first taste. When I take pie to my friends who don’t bake, the effect is similar.

happinins happinins
51-55, M
Mar 16, 2010