A lot of people might be confused about the term “Steampunk” the first time they saw it. I even categorized “steampunk” as a subcategory of “punk” at the very beginning. As I went further, I found it very attractive and fascinating. Steampunk is a real independent genre originating from Jule Verne’s novel and it has little to do with punk or other stuff. It is fascinating because it is a great combination of Victorian & Edwardian culture and machinery futurism. It is a great concept giving out a feeling of magic futurism.
Steampunk is a fusion of the Victorian era with machinery, a mix of antiques and technology. “Steam” refers to the style we're talking about. Think about steam engines, big leather bellows, the whirr of cogs. Materials to look out for are wood, leather and plenty of brass - materials that Victorian engineers were familiar with. The “punk” in steampunk refers to being creative and doing something new and different rather than tartan and mohawks.

michelleroberts89 michelleroberts89
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Oct 9, 2013