There Was A Time.... Once.... Where It Wasn't Sexual. It Was Humanalistic.

girls and boys losing articles of clothing. if it wasn't a thing to them, it wasn't one to us. they either got their stuff back after the show, or somebody donated their own. i was at a show once, and all of a sudden the lights came up, the band stopped, and everybody hit the floor. i don't know if it was a contact lens or a ring of some sort. who cares. they found it. the lights went down and the band was back up. if someone went to the ground in a mosh, they were up top with a quickness, pointed at their friends. all drinks were non alcoholic. but the scene was enough to take your breath away before you got your stamp. of course, we all can't be wendy o. but we can dare to dream. i lost my shirt and bra a few times. but i also ended up with cool substitutes to cover up with after the bands cleared. where did this mentality go? it was never about sex. it was bloody hot! i never got molested or seriously hurt. bumps, bruises, sprains, even fractures were totally worth it. it was release. it was love. it was fighting back against a faceless demon as only we knew how. it was purity. it was only the music and the humanity. we held fundraisers. we had BBQs. we were not evil, dangerous, or bad influences. where did this go? i miss it so very much. 
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yes, i miss it too.