People need to learn what's really punk music and what's not
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Among those bands I like are: FOB, the offspring, rise against, black veil brides, and I think I might've heard a sleeping sirens song but don't really remember what it was called, any ones you'd recommend?

Black flag, dead Kennedy's, Ramones, NOFX, rancid and the clash are some of my favorites up there

PTV is Metalcore, so of course it's not Punk Rock. XD But Rancid.... They are love, they are life. :3 Ooo and Melt Banana.

It hardly exists anymore, unfortunately. There are a few old bands that are still going, and then a lot of garbage punk derivatives.

Oh, hardcore

I dont know who you are but i ****** love you

Uh thanks(: you seem pretty awesome too

Amazing :)

I know right!(: