Happy National Puppy Day

I have an 18 week old Puppy called Max, he is a Maltese x Shih tzu. I love him so much he is very cute and fluffy. I bought Max when he was 6 weeks old as a present for my son for Xmas. I had a very unfortunate year in 2011 and spent a long time in hospital, my son had to go and live with my sister. I wanted to give him a present that would make him feel better. He loves max so much too. Max has bought so much joy into our lives, he is great company, he makes us laught, we excercise more as we take him for walks. I even put Max through Puppy school. So thankyou Max for being part of our family. We love you lots.
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2012

I wuff you Maxie...

Happy be-lated puppy day Max! I think you're soooo cute!! ;)

Awww....is that Max on your ava? He's cuteeeeeee, happy puppy day Max!

yes that is max my puppy in my ava