The Colour Which Speaks For My Personality

Purple :)

My favourite colour....I'm crazy about it....It can be light or deep still it's such a beautiful n passionate colour..So intense...So expressive...I think I look at my best when I wear purple..coz its my fav colour n it represents who i am...When i wear purple, i'm happy..i'm at my best...Purple is simply gorgeous..My room is purple too...hehe....


I love purple :)

A dream of love close to my heart - When i'll be gettin married, i wish to have a purple dress or a complete purple deco...^_^

Lostmermaid Lostmermaid
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I have always loved purple anyone who really knows me knows this about me. My room is purple also you would not believe how I had to fight and insist this was the color I wanted but guess what after the painter finished he had to admit he was surprized to see it looked very nice.