I Love Them ....but I Am Kind Of Particular :)

OMG I love purses!!

I love to shop for them., I am kind of particular though. Recently a gentleman I work with went to NYC and asked if I wanted anything. I responded by saying YES!! I want a blingy purse... It started with him sending pictures of purses he thought I would like and I have to say, he has pretty good taste. So as I think I have it narrowed down...BOOM another picture comes through and I start texting...is this purse blingy, does it shine, is it glittery, how long are the handles, how many pockets.

I realize that night I probably freaked him out asking 100 questions BUT I was wrong. The next morning in my inbox is a new picture...it says 'This is THE one'...its description is detailed, and he says it is his favorite. So here's the big question I ask 'how much is this purse'...oh dont get me wrong I loved it BUT I needed the cost. He texted back and says its $120.00....if you want it I will get it for you.  So I say yes I do want it and I will send you a check.
My next message was so sweet.... 'Anything for you, I am sending it to your home address, no check needed'.

I have worked with him for over 10 yrs and I have to admit he is one of my favorites but I am still sending him a check.

snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
46-50, F
Aug 7, 2010