Creative and Imaginative

I can't believe this show got axed.  I haven't seen all the episodes, as the UK is delayed, so it's, kind of, bittersweet to watch.  

It amazes me to see such a creative, imaginative, well-written/acted show axed. Would this have been axed if it was made in another decade?  What do they base their findings on?  I don't mean to slate other shows because they are good in their own right, but how can Brothers and Sisters or 100 different Crime Dramas (even though I do like Agatha Christie ones) make it, and this little gem not?  

Do they base it solely on ratings?  Some shows take more time to develop a fan base.  I remember reading about a show in the UK (called Demons) that had a few million viewers but people were leaving the show. How many viewers makes a show successful?  Okay, I didn't like Demons, but a lot of children did.  People were slating it but they forgot the show was, well I assume, meant for children. 

Anyways, a lot of shows I watch end up being axed!!  I must have bad taste or the people running the channels have no IDEA.  It's a beautiful show and I loved the comedy moments in it, well I liked all of it , but when Emerson or Olive had a one liner or did made a face, I broke out laughing.  And it's not easy for me to laugh out loud.  If something is "okay" funny I normally just smile.

Most creative shows go, instead the same style we've seen again and again, just re-made slightly differently, go for ages.  We're choosing comfort (which is okay sometimes), or style over substance, then choosing really great written shows.  Oh well, at least Lost is still going! 

Reeny Reeny
2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I'm absolutely gutted. :( Olive was really cute and I loved the dry humour from the characters. It was off the wall without trying too hard to be. It just seemed very natural and I loved it for that. You're right there are a lot of other shows that could have been axed instead of this one. I can think of many. :P

i hate like hell that it got canceled too. i'm usually not one for comedies but i loved this show and everyone in the cast. olive was just too cute and funny. i can think of a dozen shows they could have let go of instead of this one.