T-girl And Her Bra

I can not remember every cross-dressing before in my life. I have always been a really shy held back guy that had no idea what he wanted or really liked. Early this year I had to let my parents take my daughter so I could work. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I got so depressed I had to talk to someone about it and they helped a lot. He could tell I was holding something back and eventually I told him. I was told to think about how I wanted to act how I wanted to be and think about who acted that way. Think was not required and I told him so. I then told him how I had felt wrong since I was 12 and had always seen myself as the woman in my erotic dreams. He told me he could help me but I had to work on my part as well. After a few months I had told enough people who and what I was that he signed the letter for HRT. I have now been on long enough to have A size breast and I was told to find a bra because they hurt, not bad just constant doll pain. The bra is a nice white cotton with lace over the cups. It feels strange wearing it and I am constantly messing with it trying to make it comfortable. The feeling I get from it is just another garment to put on until yesterday. I got home and the constant rubbing had me so turned on I could not think straight. I messed around a bit and got myself off. Today when I got it was nearly as bad. I was so sexually aroused I had to play the wand to get myself to calm down.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

i love lacy whiteones too with little bows on

It does have a bow right in the middle. I love it so much. I am getting another one in feb. I would have gotten it with this one but it was on back order.

Enjoy it

What a wonderful story. I don't have any bras that fit me properly yet. Plus i got on the scale this morning and found out that I gained a few pounds. I guess it is time to start being a little bit more dilligent about what I eat and do. So till I get the weight off and down to where I want to be I am going to hold off on buying any more clothes.

I am losing weight and growing breast. I had to buy 2 to keep thing going correctly.

I love hearng about your adventures I cannot wait to have more of my own like this!

Love Jade