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Why do I love putting on a bra so much?

Well, unlike many other items of women's clothing, such as panties, dresses, pantyhose, there isn't an inherent feeling from the garment that caresses you, or rubs against you to arouse those sensations we all love. No, a bra doesn't do any of those, so what is it about this wonderful item of lingerie that I, and so may others, love so much.

I suspect it is that a bra is the one item, above all others that women wear, that is uniquely female. Without breasts, there is absolutely no need for a bra, so wearing one is the ultimate homage to femininity; slipping my arms through those delicate straps, feeling those straps tighten as the metal hooks approach the metal loops, before they fasten into place. As I feel the pressure of those delicate straps around my chest and ribs and over my shoulders, I feel, perhaps, that I am enclosed, almost trapped in the feminine garment and it feels wonderful. Not the material itself, but everything that the bra represents.

I own six bras; two black (a delicate lacy one and a padded, push-up one), one white (lightly padded with a pretty trim), a cream 'platform' one (with black detailing, lace and polkadots), a pink/peach (pretty trim and gorgeous little white polkadots) and finally a bikini top (with matching bottoms of course, that is royal blue with white polkadots) .... and I'm off to put one on right now... :) but which one to choose... Any suggestions?
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Came across this today:
She is so gorgeous. Would so love to be fitted for a bra by her.

Love your post! Captures the feelings we crave so much. Thanks, Ina

I love my bras too. I do feel more femme with them under my dresses and blouses, and like you said without breasts - wish I had some b/c to caress with nice erect nipples to tease and play with .... A bra is not needed for support ,except for my ego...

Just counted after reading your article (23). Thank you for sharing.

Don't know how many bras I own but I do love them. So very girly and I love to be as girly as I can be.

Great stuff Gwen. Many do, just like us two. I have one on right now (along with a whole gorgeous outfit!)
Stay girly and gorgeous ;)

I could have written a story that you have not said or should I say type up. Everything you said here is what I am thinking too. It is as you are right in my head but you have the writing ability that I only wish that I could have. Wonderful story. I too love bras or as one would say too much but I do not care. I guess that girl inside me causes me to love them and so very much. I remember buying one that I made sure nobody saw me buy and taking it to the self checkout line and still making sure that no one saw. I love self check out registers and I got mine from Target. I guess you can say that I try my absolute best to keep me being transgendered female in the closet or so I think I am. Who knows though? HeHe!!! :) Blushes...:) But I have told some that I both trust and that would understand well as much as one who isn't transgendered can. No one that is not transgendered could 100 % understand unless they themselves are going through what you and I are going through...:)

Thanks Sara. Well at least you also have friends on EP who can listen and understand, even if not face-to-face.

the best part about wearing a bra for me is.... i dont need the breast forms anymore since i been on hormones and up to a 38b now... now that is awesome, but i never, ever sleep in a bra as i was told it wouldnt be good for my development and i only wear underwire bras.....

me as well
been wearing hem with my size a breast frms since nov 24/7
no one has commented at work
bu some of the guys keep ogling my chest

wearing mine 24/7 too..... love it, it makes the day at work so much better! :)

How does that make you feel Christine? Sexy or embarrassed?

Four bras? Last time I counted I had 79 and I bought four last week!

i know how you feel i wear one with 38c forms almost 24/7