Hate Not Having A Bra On.

After years of using hormones I have lovely B cup boobs! I have no choice really but to have to wear a bra but I love it. Its just a daily naturel thing now to wear one. I dont get any 'kicks' out of it, its just normal for me to wear one. Most of the time I forget I got a bra on which somtimes leads to trouble! I love having to wear one, I hate it when sometimes I have to leave it off and I'm very aware of my little boobs jiggling about. I feel so undressed without a bra on. The unique act of putting on a wholly female item of clothing and because I need to wear a bra humbles me that I can do so and with respect to all women, sharing with them the unique feminine act of having breasts and wearing a bra.
gurlyruth gurlyruth
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I only have small A breast and I have only been wearing one a few weeks now and you are right about one thing, There is a big difference between wearing one and not.

I wish i could wear one all the time. My nipples on my B cup bressts are always hard and show under my shirts. A lacy wonder bra with nipple cutouts would really show them off and i could play with them all the time. It's hell to have to go around dressed like a man with ******* that always want attention.

just start wearing one, i promise youll never go back to not having a bra on!