I Can Do Them For Hours......

~ My absolute favorites are "Fill-It-In". They're great because I just don't have the brain for crosswords. Sorry, not a human dictionary. Mahahahaha!! Everytime I go to a store, I HAVE to buy a new one. Doesn't matter if I don't have the others done, gotta have a new one.......... I will put it in a way some of you will understand... Mahahahaha! ~

LADIES:: "Fill-It-Ins" for me are like SHOES for some of you. ;-]

GENTLEMEN:: "Fill-It-Ins" for me are like TOOLS for some of you. ;-]

Mahahahahaha!!!! ;)~

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

your love..my nightmare...lol I My employment is at puzzle book factory.I used to do them alot when i was younger but after seeing millions of them they make me cringe...lol