Observation And Behaviour

I don't exactly love quantum physics but i loved the "Heisenberg Principle" of observation altering behaviour. It applies to human beings too.
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I've seen that. It was very thought provoking.

If you like that, you should look up the " What the *bleep* do we know? " movie. In it there is a section about words, and the affect it has on water. It is really interesting and something I think you might be interested in too. : )

The more you try and fix something, the less certain it becomes. I love quantum mechanics.

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One needs a quantum or packet of light to 'observe' to define the location of an ob<x>ject !<br />
That light quantum itself changes the momentum or the state of movement of that ob<x>ject.<br />
<br />
very true , when we observe or watch someone, that person becomes conscious of it and the watching itself affects the behaviour of that watched person.<br />
thanks for sharing.

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