The Queen Of Queens

I totally love Queen Latifah. Not do I only appreciate her, I would totally date her, if she where gay and single. I just love her body, I love her look and when she smiles, especially in her movies, it's like very refined and serene. I love her voice so much, it's so powerful but it can also be calm and soothing. Her voice, is just as good.

Queen Latifah was the woman who helped me figure out my bisexuality. I had feelings for her as I would a guy and it was fairly confusing but I let it enter my mind and I embraced it. I really hope I get to meet her one day.

My favorite movie of hers is Hairspray. I thought she did a fantastic job and I love how she made it seem like she was standing up for her rights as an african american without any hate being involved, she just did it from the heart.

I also loved her in Beauty Shop, Last Holiday, Taxi, Mad Money, Ice Age, Valentines Day and Talking to Heaven. She really is one of the best actresses to have ever lived :)
HappyZappyZaperson HappyZappyZaperson
26-30, T
Jan 16, 2013