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Paying It Forward

I have been a queen fan as far back as i can remember.i currently have a Freddy poster,repro concert posters,and working on getting there vinyl albums i currently have 9 of 22.I dated a much younger woman than me and her fave band was queen she fell for the band when she heard Bohemian rhapsody in the Wayne's world favorite song is Bohemian rhapsody. I have a younger brother when he was in his early teens he got a queen shirt as a gift.He gave it to me saying the band was a bunch of ****.A couple of years later him and his friend started getting into the guitar learning how to play and was wanting to start a band.My bro was over at my apt i sat him down told him i wanted him to see why I'm into queen.i hooked my computer up to my TV got on you tube turned on the surround sound then played him live aid.for 30min he did not move,flinch,say a word.when it was over he still didn't say anything bout it and went home.Looking back on it this boy that loved heavy metal metallica,guns and roses etc.Was in shock the next day i got a call from mom ask what the hell did i do my brother.He has done nothing but talk about queen since he came home.Since then i made him copies of my queen Cd's.his metalica posters is gone replaced with queen.He wants my albums and concert posers.his fave queen song is radio gaga.oh and hes only 16.his fave movie is flash cause of queen
jtrain jtrain 36-40, M Jan 23, 2012

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