A Young Fan Speaking.

I grew up listening to whatever my mom listened to (usually R&B or whatever dance/rap song that was on the radio). I never really liked it but it was all I knew. A couple years ago, I decided to listen around to see what else there was other than the stuff people my age listen to.
I found Queen.
It was a greatest hits album and I fell in love. I was mesmerized by their rock sound but sensitive bits every now and then. It was like the perfect ratio. Freddie's voice was something like I have never heard before. It was almost he was spilling his heart and soul when he sang. You could feel every emotion. I then moved onto A Night At The Opera. A band that can have Death On Two Legs and You're My Best Friend (Or let alone Bohemian Rhapsody by itself) was obviously a legendary band. I eventually put all the albums on my ipod and I know all the songs. I got my mom into liking Queen but I can't convince her to like Bowie or the Doors (Oh well)
This month, my mom, uncle and I will be seeing a Queen tribute band.
TwigTheWonderKid TwigTheWonderKid
18-21, F
Apr 3, 2012