The Queenster

I used to grade the dirt road we lived on in our trailer park. I would get on my neighbor's Wheel Horse tractor, get the grader a couple cement bricks and my queen CD. I'd ride up and down the rode until it was good enough for cars or my CD player batteries were dead (yes this is before mp3s and I'm old. :P)

I had their greatest hits, but I wore out the CD. I loved under pressure. I think that is a great song and was totally ripped off. I cracked up when they were on American Idol and they wanted to change the song to sing it a different way.

I used to watch Flash Gordon. OK, who am I kidding I still watch Flash Gordon. All of the music to that movie was done by Queen. I really like the Highlander too. Well until I started to not understand what was going on in the movie series.

My dad doesn't like them or Elton John because of their orientation. I still don't care. Their music is great and it helped me escape from the real world when I needed to.

As I sit here getting the funk going with sly and the family stone - sex machine, I think I'm going to have to change it to I Want to Break Free.
slacker slacker
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2007