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Queening. Facesitting. Cuckoldry.

My experiences cuckolding my husband are always great, even when things don’t go according to plan. I enjoy the freedom to explore other men, and be brutally honest about it with the man I love. This relationship was fine for us before I owned a queening chair, I still enjoyed oral service from him before and after my dates. The difference now, is that I don’t have to separate the time I take to get ready for dates from the time I get licked by my cuckold husband.

I can apply my make-up, do my hair, enjoy some coffee, check my email, all while I receive pleasure from my cuckold’s tongue. The chair blurs the lines that normally decide when *********** starts and stops. I even converse with him during, thinking out loud about what I might wear for my date. I read emails from my lover out loud, I even chat with my lover on the phone while queening my husband.

You already want to please your lady, the chair you build will benefit you as much as her. You will both be more comfortable, and that will mean more facesitting more often, for longer amounts of time. No more hurt knees for her, no more neck pain for you. The only parts of you that will still ache are your tongue, and your puny cuckold balls.

Think of your lady, your wife, your queen, your mistress, or cuckoldress, and what she may gain from having a custom made queening chair. She will gain more ******* surely, but think of the other possibilities. She may sit in any position she finds comfortable. She can enjoy a beverage, or read, or talk to her lover on the phone. She may make use of a riding crop on your inferior little balls.

Nothing feels like a tongue. Vibrators are great, and get me off quick, and my hand is fine when it’s all I have…, but nothing is better than a tongue to reach perfect *******. My cuckold husband is always available to give me oral service, as it should be, and I have the best queening chair in the world. It’s the best because it’s designed with my preferences in mind. It’s the best because it’s made with love, designed by me and built by my cuckold husband.

When a woman is happy in her marriage, she is happy no matter what fate throws at her. You will often hear people say that to keep a marriage interesting, you have to try new things “in the bedroom”. Sex-furniture is certainly a way to do that, but remember that your ladies reaction to new things will depend a lot on what she gets out of it.

If she has to be on her knees, or constantly supporting her hips, or feels a limb start to lose circulation, or squats too long…..I promise you she will loose interest in whatever it is very quickly. Why can’t you introduce something kinky that is comfortable for her, and will aid her in reaching *******? You can, and on top of all that, you will be able to say you made it with your own hands. What says love more than that?

My cuckold is faithful, obedient, and devoted to his tasks. He doesn’t need to be punished, but a little motivation doesn’t hurt (me). I find that my queening chair is useful in ways that I hadn’t thought of when I first set out to build one. I love that I can have him sit in my queening throne and instead of it bringing him a feeling of power (as it does me), it gives my foot access to his pathetic little balls. Blue balls equals a willing tongue. :)
VanessaChaland VanessaChaland 36-40, F 37 Responses Oct 11, 2011

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Do you ever use him for "other purposes" while using your chair?

I can't wait to look this up my neck get sore way to soon. I love to eat *****!

Thanks for that bit of information Ms. Vanessa Land. You know what about this site? It gives me the opportunity to gain insight into things that interest me, such as being a cuckold, which I realize, I am

Sounds wonderful.

I am devoted to my wife and her needs.

Nice. Have loved your stories on g+. Would you consider adding me here? Tks

Now you've got me interested.Something I never new about.I'm sure my wife would love a chair like that !

By all means you should. She'd love it. :)

I would so love to build one of these for my wife

No chastity. I'm too selfish and greedy. :)

I would LOVE to service you with my tongue as you torture my heavy balls! MMmmmmmmm

Good to know.

That should be obvious. :)

Sure. :)


What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Bare Hugs

Thank you Mistress Christy. Let me know if you have any questions via e-mail. :)

Locked **** & blue balls can make a male do most anything!!!

slave john

Thank you.

he is so lucky to have You

I always appreciate your stories and viewpoints. Good work!!

Thank you for the compliment. :)

Thank you, will do, paid for global express shipping. She saw a picture of it but doesn't yet know I bought it. Love your website:)

I'd love to see a photo or a link to what you purchased. I always enjoy seeing what other people design and build. :)

I bought a queening chair tonight! I also bought the golden shower attachment:) I can't wait to try it out with my better half.
I visited your website and when we have more room we'd like to go deeper.

Let us know how things go. :)

Thank you Tollguard...I do appreciate your mentioning this. :)

Just a quick note to thank you for the design on the bed-top Queening chair. An excellent design and portable enough to "reside" in the closet when not being used.

Thank you. :)

Mmmmmmm love that idea must get one asap

Thank you drathernotsay. :)

My subbie spends copious amounts of time with my devil's tongue lash working his balls as he services me on my Queening chair. We find it a divine experience that is as exciting and rewarding as it was the very first time. If you're at all curious, we highly recommend exploring the many lovely aspects of serving and being served in such an intimate, erotic and comfortable way. We tried many different approaches to creating a comfortable arrangement for me to sit on, but the QC is by far superior to all the ideas we rigged before building one from the plans we bought from the site. We resisted buying plans for a long time, but finally gave in. I got tired of teetering on Liberator pieces, chair arms, hotel benches, etc!!!

You could always go to my website for photos and other information, :)

Wow talking to your lover and applying make-up getting ready for a date with another lover all while being satisfied? Exquisite! You truly have the world "By the Balls." Someday I will get wifey into this, someday, someday!