Ein Sof ( Hunab Ku ) And Tzimtzum

Coincidentia Oppositorum ... splitting the human experience of reality into space and time ...TZIMTZUM

EIN SOF….. meaning the Being that has “no end.” ( HUNAB KU )

TZIMTZUM ...contraction, forming an "empty space" in which creation could begin.

Wheels within wheels


( THE FOUR LOWER BODIES ...of humans )

In the initial stage of revelation, the prevalent manifestation was that of the infinite Light. Contained within the Or Ein Sof in a most sublime way was the potential for finitude, however initially it was undistinguished from the powerful manifestation of the Or Ein Sof. In order for creation to take place it was necessary somehow to conceal this infinite Light, thus creating a vacuum for the Finite Light to be revealed. One may draw an analogy to a ray of light from the sun. While it is within the sun, the ray has no independent identity because it is totally nullified by the greater light of the sun itself. Only when the ray has left the sun can it be recognized and perceived as having an independent identity.



Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite Or Ein Sof filling all existence. When it arose in G-d's Will to create worlds and emanate the emanated...He contracted Himself in the point at the center, in the very center of His light.
He restricted that light, distancing it to the sides surrounding the central point, so that there remained a void, a hollow empty space, away from the central point... After this tzimtzum... He drew down from the Or Ein Sof a single straight line [of light] from His light surrounding [the void] from above to below into the void.... In the space of that void He emanated, created, formed and made all the worlds.

To explain  ….a parallel may be drawn from the world of teaching.

Imagine Albert Einstein entering a primary school and being invited to teach a class of elementary mathematics.


For the genius to communicate with the child’s mind, it is necessary that he put to the side all the theories and complexities of advanced mathematics and to focus on basic addition. In time, the child he is teaching may progress to study mathematics in high school, college, and then university. The student may even become a professor of mathematics himself, and may even surpass Einstein in brilliance. However, in the first stages the end product was concealed.
The same is true with regards to Tzimtzum–G-d purposefully drew back the infinite to create a space in which finitude could be realized.



There is no where  we have to go, no other place to be and that here and now is the right place and time to be .


There is only the now.


Something inside starts to open up, we find golden answers right


Underneath and inside……  The spiral form 

... illuminating the Divine plan as it unfolds itself in our world, being in constant relationship with each other.



 In the teaching metaphor the purpose of Einstein removing quantum theory from his mind was to reveal elementary mathematics to the student. The process was for the purpose of revelation, so that the student would eventually progress to higher levels. The same is true of the Tzimtzum. The purpose of the Tzimtzum was not mere concealment, but also for revelation— a descent for the purpose of ascent. Through Tzimtzum a finite world was created. The Torah can be likened to clothing or garments that are covering the Or Ein Sof. This world, with all its limitations, cannot contain the Infinite Light in its revealed state, but it can in concealment. Within this world one could reveal the pre-Tzimtzum Or Ein Sof as it is enclothed within the Torah fulfilling the purpose of creation to create a dwelling for G-d in this lowest realm.

In terms of human history, the revelation of this Light will take place in stages. At present the Light is concealed, but as history progresses into the Messianic Era there will be a greater revelation of the pre-Tzimtzum Light and even more so in the time of the Resurrection of the Dead. It should also be noted that our actions in Exile will eventually precipitate the revelations of the Messianic Era and the Resurrection.

Internally, the real purpose of Exile is to reveal “self-sacrifice” 
This acts as an arousal from below and elicits a response from above in the form of reward in the Messianic Era.
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Feb 11, 2011