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The Gnostics were authentic mystics close to what should have been the original mysticism of Christianity, before it fell into the hands of the disciples and Catholic Church.
Gnostics were in reality true shamans from the Middle East who may be compared in some respects to the Brazilian ayahuasqueros, the Bitwi African ibogaine shamans, and surviving Siberian shamans. For a long time, I have wondered about regarding the parasites reported by Don Juan in terms of the alien predators described in Gnostic texts.
These predators, called Archons or Archontes, are clever demonic entities who consume dying worlds. Gnostic myths say that they arose by an error, and emerged like locusts from chaos and darkness of elementary matter. 

….. these reptilian entities, either etheric in nature, or more substantial, in some manner of flesh and blood — are creatures such as those described in the abundant literature of abductions, as well as in the testimony of satanic abuse and multiple personality disorder(MPD).
Thus we must decide to combine our resources to work out at some length this extended hypothesis and explore how the human mind might be infected and manipulated by a mysterious force that reveals to us how we are cursed, but also reveals to us our strength to overcome the curse.
This topic concerns us all!
We are seeking a rational way to resolve what could well be a real curse, a defect of our species, that keeps us locked in a state of inferior awareness, or, if you prefer, in our daily hell in this world, a world full of beauty but also fraught with illusion and incertitude.

On the one hand, the solution to this enigma could be the simple act of becoming conscious of the existence of these parasites, so as to live with them, and to reason and meditate on the motive of our actions when they are guided by fear, need, and lack and violence.
Don Juan spoke of ending our “inner talk,” the internal monologue focused on the ego in which every moment of the day is invested. This is not easy. Far from it.

Of Greys, Drones and Clones

According to Don Juan the parasitic entities he called the flyers have infiltrated us and made our spirit repetitive, maniacal, full of routine, frightened, avid, violent and calculating:
“The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now”
The Archons, who have certain of the same characteristics as these, are obsessed with hiding and not being detected.  our inheritance from the short Greys or ETs. Compare these entities to empty shells, explorer drones or robotic probes that are just a pale reflection of the “Prime Being,” the entity that created them, a long time ago.
Through a number of “genetic interventions” — as may be indicated by many tales of extraterrestrial abduction, ancient and modern, as well as by accounts of demons, succubi, etc — the Greys would have installed in our genetic code characteristics that make us hybrids, a mix of human and ET. These alien interceptions would have started with the Cro-Magnon and their indo-European descendents, i.e., the white man of the West. It is the Caucasian type, that demonstrates more than any other ethnic group, aggressive, territorial, imperialistic, cold and calculating behaviour, and tends to live in the constant fear of aggression, wary of threats.
These would be the character traits that give this ethnic type its conquering territorial drive, reflected in the doctrine of "survival of the fittest." 

In all this the Greys obtain supremacy of the white man and eliminate other traditions, cultures, societies, and the mystical or anticipatory world view more directed toward cooperation, compassion and equilibrium. The white man was created to effectuate the elimination of other experiments conducted by the Greys or perhaps by other advanced beings or extraterrestrial entities.
Consistent with the Gnostic view that the Archons influence our existential alienation, and Don Juan’s remarks to the same effect … due to the intervention of the Greys we are no longer in touch with our true potential, our true spirit and our link with the Prime Being that created us:
We are caught in a physical existence because we have certain ‘restrictions’ certain qualities that reflect a lack of understanding of the true nature of reality. Qualities such as hate, envy,greed, aggression, etc. These qualities are mental momentums that separate parts as the Universe separates parts. They are the consciousness equivalent of the physical entropic momentums for separation in the universe.
Thus they provide ‘scratches’ and ‘dirty marks’ on the individual ‘lenses’ through which the light of God shines into us. These blemishes distort and twist that light defining each of our individualities as extents of difference to that light. That’s how we defined our individualities in the first place. Alien interception provides extra scratches and dirty marks that are extra to our own ‘restrictions’ or ‘sins’. Thus alien interception is an imposition on us....
Their predatory nature is due to the fact that they see us as their experimental subjects. If they were human and were acting out of motives of cruelty or hatred then these things would lead to their own destruction as a people in time but because they are just self-generating machines – they can continue following their agenda as long as there is physically-based sentient life to prey on.
Don Jan has a way of thinking that is typically Gnostic in the sense that he claims that human beings live in a state of enslavement, and, he argues, the Christ did not come to atone for our sins and save us, but to avert the horrific danger posed by the predators.
Again :
I would suggest that we need to look at what being ‘damned’ means.

In common parlance ‘damnation’ implies a one way ticket to ‘hell’ … this physical universe is the true hell. Our damnation is defined by the fact that we are stuck here. It is our own minds and actions which bind us but one could make a strong case to say that we would have been less likely to have remained trapped if not for the external influence of things like the Greys.
Yes, we are in captivity like animals, being farmed by the Greys. In short, Don Juan says that we are hybrids, shackled by a foreign implantation.
In the Secret Book of John, Christ declares: “I am that which exists eternally, that which is without defect or mixture.” The parasites with their hybridation have no part in this higher existence. This is certainly “good news” (Evangels).
For the Gnostics, Christ did not speak of repentance and sin, but rather wanted to help us get out of the trap we’re in by the force of illumination. 

The Archontes and Sophia

Can we compare the Archons and the flyers to machines? Don Juan suggests that these parasitic entities are indeed comparable to machines. They are also like programmed viruses that lack something essential in their own make-up. Are they then some sort of psychic machines, viruses in an alien body form?
It seems that both the Archons and the Greys have a problem with connection to the source, the Creator or Prime Being  — this would allude somehow to Sophia in Gnostic tradition. They lack the soul life or "soul line" that would connect them with a conscious sense of eternity, and allow them to return to the source. 

In Gnostic myth, the Archons mistakenly see themselves as alone in the cosmos, which they take for their “Kingdom.” Thus they challenge the Godhead, wishing to be equal to that which produced them. They arise in the chaos of elementary matter, the region of ignorance and fantasy. Apparently, these predators feed on human beings in some way. They want to make use of us, treating us like cattle, or laboratory animals.
The Greys do exactly the same thing. In contemporary reports of Grey intervention, linked to “reptilian” activities, the ETs operate between our dimension and other, non-material dimensions in order to feed on negative emotions, especially fear and anguish.
According to survivors and therapists, ritual satanic abuse — a phenomenon totally denied by the authorities — might be practiced with the intent to nourish these entities on human fear and anguish. 

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Mar 14, 2011