Single Anyone?

There is nothing quite like being with a guy who makes you smile, makes you laugh, who gets you. I suppose it would mean you get them too. I think that wit rates high up there for my idea of the perfect guy.

On dating sites, you can't really tell whether or not someone is witty. People I meet who are witty, and seem flirty, but they are almost always married. What's a girl to do?

imathinkin imathinkin
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

1. Find out who has the biggest life insurance policy on their wife and hire a hit person.
2. Become a cougar and rob the cradle. Get a good one with wit and charm before anyone else snatches him up.
3. Set up a contest with you as the prize. They must take you out for dinner, and whoever can keep you smiling for an entire evening will get to marry you. Risky, but hey….. big risk often means big rewards. You can also keep a hammer in your purse. Then smash your thumb if someone you do not like is getting close to winning.
4. Hang out at funeral parlors. When one of these witty, well endowed… widowers shows up; you will be first on the scene.
5. Give up on the dating scene altogether and just hang out with your friends on EP. One of your friends is bound to make you smile and you might even get a wink. ;)
Need an agent?

Hehe. Well, you've got the "witty" down.

Have to start somewhere. :)