Quilt Lover

I've always loved quilts.  They just appeal to me.  When the State Fair was going on, my favorite exhibit was the quilts.  I've just started learning how to make them.  I'm such a beginner, but am determined to learn.  I make sure to always call it a "quilt" and not a "blanket."  There's such a difference!  I can look at quilts online for hours.  We don't have many, two old quilts from my husband's family.  I have one quilt.  My mother's boyfriend bought a raffle ticket off me when I was in elementary school.  He won a quilt and gave it to me.  I still have it, and love it.  It's the one blanket I always drape over the back of the couch.  I can't wait to add my own handmade quilts to our collection.  I've just started learning about the history of the blocks and why people choose them.  I think it's so romantic.

Babeifer Babeifer
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I just love the way different fabric designs and colors come together to create new and beautiful patterns in a quilt. Sometimes they tell their own story of what the artist is/was like at the time the quilt was designed.

One of my favorites was one purchased at a flea market, circa early 1900's, made from old shirt fabric with real raw cotton stuffing. The corner of it was sticking out of a box, thought I would just use it as a picnic blanket, but when I got it home and appreciated the quality I realised what a prize I had aquired! Prestine. A real piece of history, museum quality! I love it so much, and know that it was crafted for economic reasons. It is obviously a lucky quilt because it has always been cared for and will continue to be so.

Oh, this is an artisric traight I too would love to learn. I own a 30 yr old one given to me by my mother. I will inherit to my children. They are beautiful