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I like quotes.This immediately touched my heart. :)

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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WOW... So simple... yet so profound...

I love this quote :)

Just made me think...i still don't trust myself maybe....

Actually is about Self-confidence........and initially I used to believe that self-confidence is automatic and some people "naturally" get it....just like that .........and then I come to understand that it comes from our thoughts ----------how we think of ourselves shapes our lives in the long run and I also read that Self-confidence is NOT a gift God and it is true isn't it?

i think self confidence and knowing how to live and deal with life is two separate things...just my thought though...
I may have confidence in doing lot of things but i maybe feel lost sometimes...

haha....actually when you say you can do somthing .that means you believe in your ability ..........and that is self-confidence is not in the thing it is in YOU ...No wonder you feel lost at times you know....Life's a struggle and at times we need motivation and emotional support to move on .So that's okay in my opinion!:)

I love love love this quote. thanks for sharing it.

I'm glad you liked it.:)