Made You Feel

You can forget what was said to you and actions done, but you'll never forget how someone made you FEEL.
Helper96 Helper96
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2011

I try that too, but you can't control an off the cuff remark that surprises you. You can think about it right after and know that the person can only see the truth in him/herself. "What a person sees in you is something they can't see in themselves."

I try to live life with the intention that nobody can make me feel anything... It doesnt always work out that way though lol but at the same time I know it all comes from within...... When I cant forget or forgive, I try to indulge and see what I learned from that emotion and experience.... But there is always the memory yes, sometimes it is good not to forget... That way you know when to say no......