Fragments Of A Borrowed Erotic Story

Fragments from "I'll Be Your Wife Tonight"  - By Lady Axelle

(Context: dialog between two best friends, just divorced sad man and a single woman)

“Marriage is more than that"

“It’s a partnership. It’s a meeting of the minds. Two personalities coming together to add to the betterment of the society. Most women see it as never having to be alone and keeping secure. It’s way more than that. When you have children you are arming them with a model of morals. You teach them it’s healthy to argue. It’s natural to provide and nurture, it’s normal to show love and affection. And with the right mate, marriage doesn’t have to be that hard. In a good marriage you don’t even notice that there is someone else to look out for.”

“So as long as she keeps your **** hard, your belly full and a smile on your face, it’s all good?”

"As long as I can keep my wife smiling, her children clothed and full, her money liquid and her ***** throbbing, there isn’t more I need.”

"As crass as it sounds it was the sexiest statement I ever heard "

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May 15, 2012