Fragments Of "poetry Is A Gun Charged Of Future" - Gabriel Celaya

Fragments of "Poetry is a gun charged of future" - Gabriel Celaya

(rush made rough traduction)

When nothing exultant
is personally expected,
but it beats and continues
beyond consciousness,
fiercely existing, blindly asserting,
like a pulse that beats the darkness,

 Poetry for the poor one,
 needed poetry
 as the daily bread,
 as the air we demand
 thirteen times a minute,
 for being and as we are
 let’s give a "yes" that glorifies.

Because we’re living by blows,
because they hardly let us
say that we are who we are,
our songs cannot be
sinlessly an ornament.
We are reaching bottom.

I feel inside me
to all those who are suffering
and I sing breathing.
I sing, and I sing,
and singing beyond
my personals sorrows,
I get wider.

They are the most needed thing:
that what has no name.
They are screams in the Heaven,
and in the earth are acts.


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May 15, 2012