Love Me

Love Me,
Not with Expectations,
But with Hope.
To Expect is to Demand,
To Hope is to Wish
RedDwarf RedDwarf
51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 16, 2012

I must say I disagree with this premise. To Expect, I believe, is to have great faith. Expectation, however, should not be solo, for this is what empty dreams are made of.

One must 'Expect' through trust, having a great faith in a higher power....GOD. Trust, coupled with, gratitude for being grateful for all that you have and in all that is coming and being fulfilled. In the quiet knowing, that all that is and will be, shall be created, one shall be fulfilled with great new beginnings.

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing... Maybe loving with Hope is unconditional love... Believing in someone, in the goodness in them, their capability to love (you)...