The Name Says It All....

I have 4 house rabbits and 6 rabbits that live outside with free run of my yard.  I love it when I get kisses from Sunny.  He is my sweet bunny.  Cemore is my smart bunny - I am clicker training him right now.  Miss Willow is a N. Dwarf who is pretty shy but is getting better all the time.  Beans was one of my yard rabbits but the other ones kept picking on her so I brought her inside.  She is not to sure she likes it in the house yet but hopefully with time this will change.  My bunnies are just part of my zoo - but that is another story!

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Hi, have you ever had any success pairing two males together? I got two babies that were supposed to be female but turns out they are DEFINATELY males. Right now they are best buds and the first one I got is so much happier now that I got the other one and I would love to keep them together but I have heard so many horror stories of putting males together!

I would love a houseful of bunnies even if they do nibble the phone wires and cut me off!