Born of

 sun and snow are so peaceful  relaxing  but i am never as connected with nature as i sit and watch the  thunderstorm watch the lightning  flash the rains fury  it  reminds me of my mind the feel  then the silence just after   air so fresh  can  smell scents  miles away   can hear so much makes you  feel like the beginning being  born  born of it

buddhaboy1 buddhaboy1
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2 Responses May 26, 2009

yes it is a beautiful unfolding of Gods renewing power, I love the lighting. thunder and rain beating down upon this earth. can't wait for the next storm

I agree! I love the calm before the storm and when you can smell it and feel it...then watch it roll by, like the insanity, chaos, anger and frustration that goes through one's mind, heart and soul. When it's done it's as if it's washed all the dirt away and everything and everyone is clean inside and out for a little while.<br />
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:) Cheers!<br />
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