Thunderstorm And A Drunk Girl

At bar close last night, a huge thunder storm came out of no where. It was very windy, and it was hailing. Everyone was trying to get taxis but couldnt because it was so windy. People everywhere were huddled against buildings. I got wet and went out to the street to catch a taxi. I didn't care. SO I am in this taxi in down town Minneapolis telling the driver, Manuel on where to go. All of a sudden my door opens and a random girl around my age asks if she can get in. I said yes, it was terrible out there!
I convince this drunk girl on the way to her house that the world is ending. It was SO funny. Hahah (I was super drunk, too) We dropped random drunk girl off and we are at a stop sign when a random Mexican opens my door and asks to hop in! The cab driver tells him no and to close the door and go away. I felt bad for him, you couldnt see outside it was raining and soo windy. I tell him to get in! So we take random mexican to his house and he tells the driver he has no money. So I paid for his ride. Then we my turn to go home.
It was the most expensive, but the most entertaining cab ride I had...Next to this other time with a few of my friends.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

It is so nice to read about your happy social service..even i like drenching in rain