My Heart Skips A Beat!

I couldn't help myself to lean my head against the window that's wide open. Just to get a better look on my front yard just to watch the rain. It relaxes me, it slowly relaxes my heart just listening to the mythic beat that it bangs against my home and the stone on the ground. I close my eyes breathing out softly to hear my heart skip a beat when the thunder strikes down on the grass in a far place but, letting a loud roar piercing the gray black sky. I would smile when I felt the rate of my heart beating faster. I enjoy the rainy days and thunderstorm! =]
Monsterbunny17 Monsterbunny17
18-21, F
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Im from Florida to. Here, you can literally smell it coming. The air takes on the scent that you just want to breath in as much of as you can. And the rain itself carries a relaxing scent. If you're sitting on a porch under a tin roof, between the sound of the rain and the scent it carries, you almost can't help but fall asleep :)

If you ever get to see the inside of the eye of a hurricane it will chill you to your spine, i am a floridian so thunder storms are so often that we know when it will rain during the summer by what time of day. still indeed the have a beauty to them.