I Love Rain, Thunder, Lightning Storms


I love it when there is a thunderstorm especially at night, when there is a little breeze you can smell the rain on the wind the smell is beautiful, and I watch the clouds, you can hear the thunder and feel it vibrate through the floor, and on a really dark night during a thunderstorm you can see the lightning in the distance, the folk lighting while be dangerous is beautiful, I remember when I was staying at my friends place in, him his boyfriend and myself we turned all the lights off and we all laid on the sofa and watched the great storm it was a hot day so there was a lot of heat lightning sheeting across the sky it was a beautiful sight, then one time at my place, it was ******* down rain and there was a great big storm me and my friend went and stood in the rain in the middle of the park and took pictures of the lightning  it was awesome.

bubble24 bubble24
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2009