I Like To Be Snug

I love wearing my wellies, only because I love having warm dry feet.  I've worn them most of the Winter with my socks and pair of wellie socks inside.  I go for long hikes in them and even find them better than hiking boots for keeping my feet warm and dry.  Even though they only cost me £7.99 they have kept me more comfortable than a pair of hiking boots that cost me £100 and only lasted a year.  It doesn't matter any more that I have to walk through mud a 10 inches deep.  Wellie boots give me the freedom in the Winter that flip-flops give me in the Summer.  How I hate having wet or cold feet!  And how I love my wellie boots.

Tibicina Tibicina
41-45, F
4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Wellies are way better than hiking boots cause there cofmtarable and easy to clean

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my Hunters are great for long walks - so comfortable! I might not wear them on really rocky / mountainous walks but for low-lying muddy English walks they are perfect for all the reasons you say! As I always remind my gf - you cant walk through a stream or deep mud in walking boots!

I'm a fan of them too...They're so much easier to clean than walking boots, it's great how you can just hose the mud off and not have to worry about waterproofing them :)