Rain Makes Me Feel Like I'm Purified

There's a point in life when I love rain, especially those summer rains that leave the smell of tropics. I love feeling the wind coming through my balcony door and bringing the fresh sent of it, and having the rain touch my skin. I feel like sometimes rain reflects my sadness. I believe that it rains because nature feels the beautiful sadness in our hearts and wants to sympathize our heavy hearts.I want to stand in the street all alone and lay on the warm asphalt, feeling the rain come down on me and hear nothing but the rain, dreaming of the things I wish had been and will be. I wish that I would be swept away with the rain, evaporated with the softly away from earth....
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Dandaberry I think you've come pretty close to my "theory". I've always liked this theme of rain and nature and the way human beings interact with nature and especially rain or water. There are a lot of ancient beliefs that water heals the body and soul and I really believe it is like that, because I feel it every time. I like to write a lot and most of the time water is one of the most vital elements of my writing. And thanks :) , I really enjoyed the response!

It really is