The Perfect Cast .....

The river Findhorn Invernesshire ....

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Ok sup now ......... :o)

Ok ... Ok ... will put it up in a mo

Well said De , I have another picture I will put up with two rainbows at the same time ..<br />
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Thank You Princess<br />
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Da ... The foundation is at Findhorn bay on the Moray firth on the banks of the same river this picture is the house pool further up the glen .<br />
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Thanks Frito.... I have a better one of the back cast you can see the perfect loop of the fly line in the air behind him just before he shoots it over the pool....<br />
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Yes I did F i just walk up from the pool below and that was the scene that greeted me ....

What a great shot Salar! Now wonder you love fishing!! :)

Wow!<br />
Is this near the Findhorn Community that grew the amazing gardens from barren soil? I have always been so interested in that endeavor.