It Is Amazing!

I love rainbow. even i wrote about it a romantic scene in my screenplay :)

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i should add its link Salar... it is really fantastic... it seems you make miracle too :))) hugs

Caught a picture of a double rainbow during a heavy rain storm in glasgow , see happy days in my profile<br />
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: D

thanks Shine... i wish i could write whole scene here but it is hard to translate it in english for me... :)<br />
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thank you very much all of your comments :) hugs all...

it was the scene on my screenplay... the man was talking to a woman who he loves about the fairytale. the tale was about a fisherman and a mermaide and their impossible love. and end of the fairtale mermaide and fisherman walking on the raibow and be together and rainbow was the between sea and land... it was a bridge between two different world... :)

i had a picture... but only frm my cell.. it was summer storm, and the double rainbow was above the lake near my place.

Awww thank you very much Destry... im glad i have great friends EP and you are the one of them :)<br />
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Shine! i havent seen double rainbow before. sounds amazing. i read you can see the raibows whole circle if you are at the plane but i havent heard double rainbows before... it seems it is your miracle Shine... hugs

sometimes i wish i could walk on them, like a bridge to those i love...

Rainbows are beautiful! =)

lucky you Shine! i havent seen rainbows for along time...

Thanks for all your comments... yes you are right Runnagirl they add so much beauty to the world. and i think they remind us our colorful soul too and our beauty to around us... our chakras... we have the colors inside us and maybe thats why we love rainbows too :)<br />
hugs all...

rainbows are awesome! they add so much beauty to the world. sleepless, your screenplay sounds awesome. the rainbow is a great touch, and i love good endings too! :)

I have a picture in my profile I think you can see it not sure? anyway I am fishing my favorite river casting a fly down the pool to the end of a rainbow whichs ends there : )

yea it was about the rainbows which is between sea and land and the man was talking about the love which is seems impossible but has good ending :)<br />
i love good ending