First Cape

I had bought many plastic raincoats but never had a cape.I decided to go and find one.I found a ladies shop on the other side of town and went inside to look.When you go into a shop the girls always seem to ask you who are you buying it for.I always make up a story.I decided to change my ways.I browsed around the store and soon a young girl asked if iI needed any help.Yes I said I am looking for a ladies plastic rain cape.She took me over to a rack that was full of raincoats and capes.What size does your lady freind wear she asked.It's for me I said.She smiled and said would you like to try some on.Sure I replied.This is a very pretty cape she said let me help you put it on.The cape was a soft baby pink with little rain drops and ribbons on it.I think you will need an xl.She took the cape off the hanger,walked behind me and put it over my shoulders.Infront she did up the snaps and adjusted the hood.Now put your hands through the slits and we will see how it looks.I did what she saidIt was along cape and just about touched the floor.She stood back and said it looked fine.She walked me to the mirror so I could see the cape.I looked at her and said it looks like the hood is quite big.She walked over and pulled the hood up over my head.I was shocked that she did that but elated at the same time.It looks quite nice on you she said.This cape also comes with a rain bonnet lets see how it fits.Before I knew it she had taken the hood off and was putting the bonnet on me.She tied a bow under my chin to secure the bonnet.She grinned and told me that it looked really cute on me.I started to blush.The girl made me feel comfortable regardless of how embarrassed I felt at the time.By the time I left the shop I bought 3 capes.She told me to come again.
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1 Response Dec 31, 2011

She was a good salesperson. Will she be getting some repeat business from you?<br />
<br />
If it was me, the answer would be yes.