Spirit Of The Rain

What I love most about the rain is that it often takes on a personality of its own. Unlike a sunny day, that is always cheerful, or an overcast day that is always dreary, rainy days somehow manage to reflect everything we are feeling about ourselves and our lives and projects that back at us like a gentle mirror. It's both elevating and humbling. As our thoughts and troubles are reflected within each raindrop, it washes away with the dust and dirt of life.

I believe that the rain has a spirit unlike any other natural element. I'm not talking about a sentient personality or an invisible creature that we could ever interact with or observe. I'm am just talking about the essence of rain. There is something personal about it. Sun, wind, storm, drought, all of them just go about their business unaware of our presence, too powerful, or too natural to care. But there is something about the rain...it stands amongst us, and walks with us.

When I am alone, and I watch the rain, if often feels like it watches me right back. If I am sad, it will sympathize. It does not offer comfort or reassurance, it just understands, and allows me to offer my emotions to it as it offers its company. When I am tired, it whispers soft songs of oceans and rivers, tales of clouds and distance. When I am scared, it cowers with me. A little bit of my consciousness allowed to observe beyond my perception. If I am happy, it rejoices with me as it dances over tree leaves and rooftops. If I am lonely, it weeps with me, and feels the dull melancholy of falling unnoticed between the crevices of forgotten places, one drop amongst a billion of the same.

I love that our own thoughts and emotions influences the quality of the rain, and that the rain can shape our thoughts and emotions. I love walking in the rain, dancing in the rain, kissing in the rain. Everything I think and feel projected tenfold and reflected back, surrounded by everything, yet refracted by a hundred thousand raindrops.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Your story reminded me of a time I was enjoying some time watching my dogs chase each other around an open field along the hillside where I used to live when I saw this well defined, dark rain cloud about a mile or so off, over the flatlands. That's where the city turns into a block by block grid . The cloud was about the size of 4 square blocks and it was dumping pretty hard. I watched as it moved from west to east a few blocks , then shifted north, towards me. I continued to watch it. It continued to dump but when it came about 4 blocks towards me, it once again shifted to an eastern direction. It was as if it was automated, programmed to scour the city, leaving behind it that crystal clear air that I so enjoy after a good storm. I think water is alive. It's all part of the one lump sum of water we have now, will have and have always had. There's no new water and there has never been a shortage. It's just not always where we're used to it being. Even when it's standing as a body, like in lakes etc, it's still seeking a path of least resistance, It's always on the move. When it runs down vertical drops in pipes, it swirls down, clinging to the inside walls of the pipe. When it runs down horizontal pipes, it's ever swaying back n forth, never running more than 2/3 full in either pipe. Even rain drops are spinning as they fall from the sky.. Thanks for your story.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

You write beautifully.
And you are a great analyst.
So have you seen that in your mind, rain has all emotions, and that YOU personally are so in tune with it that you can take whatever emotion from it that suits you at the given moment. Its mutual symbiosis between you and the rain.

For someone else, it can be an equally close leveling with sunshine.