I Love Rain

I lived in the South for a long time and it is possible to get sick of constant sunshine!  A rainy day is perfect for sleeping in, for reading a book.  I love to sit on the porch and watch the rain.  I love to hear it.  I love the smell of rain.  I don't mind the clouds.  They don't make me sad.  I think about the water making the flowers and grass grow and giving the birds and animals a nice drink.  I love a nice rainy day!

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Wow you guys actually make me WANT to like the rain. Your memories paint wonderful pictures!<br />
It rains quite frequently here, so it seems very dreary, and it's almost like when it's sunny here is how you guys would feel about the rain!...(if that made any sense)

I agree. Rainy days always make me think of going home to my childhood home. There was always something warm and good to eat on the pantry table. My sisters and I would cuddle together in our playroom and tell or read stories scary/or plain to each other, while it rained outside.<br />
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If it was raining in the daytime my mother would be trying to keep us from playing in the rain but we would pretend we did not hear her calls, and run away and hide. I love to jump and splash around in rain puddles to this day. I love how the rain feels on my whole body when the day is warm.<br />
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Even when it thundered and we would get scared - my mother would say be quiet and let the Creator do his work. And, after a storm (because we would all be so quiet we would actually go to sleep) my father would wake us up with steaming mugs of hot chocolate and dagwood sandwiches. <br />
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Yes I Love the rain, too! It always reminds me of home, Love and togetherness.<br />
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Peace Light and Love to You.