The Blue Orphan

When I was five years old I had this dream. The sky was a deep gloomy blue and there was no sun or clouds. I was on this playground. It had a black jungle qym that looked like prison bars wielded together. There was a sand box and a slide. The ground wasn't covered with wood chips like most playgrounds. There were puddles everywhere, but instead of seeing a reflection in them you saw many ladders that led you to a dark alley. The children on the playground wore dirty ragged clothes. One child came up to me. She was short with dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Her face showed no emotion. She told me her parents died "now where should I go." I gestured towards the puddles then she jumped in one. I looked at the puddle and saw her climbing down the ladder. Then I saw other children jump in the puddles. Then I woke up to a beautiful, incongruent morning.

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13-15, F
Mar 12, 2010