Rainy Nights

                                        i love when the rain hits a tin roof. i love to try andtake a nap and thunderstorms coming. i always have to open the windows a bit. its so calming!

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Thanks Luv for the comment!

I love the sound of rain hitting the roof and sound of thunder striking in the area. Thanks for the story flourlady.

Thanks Bluebird it is awesome !

i love it when it rai, I usually get in my easy chair, open the deapes watch the trees,become wet, and it the wind is blowing, see the trees sway.. I feel so warm, and secure in my own skin..:-)

Oh Ive been to Kansas nice place!Thanks u------2!

I must have been born on a stormy day. When I was little, I would sit on the pourch and watch the rain come down, sometimes violently. I was raised in Kansas. <br />
To this day, I still love to watch a storm. If I'm in bed, I sleep much better in a storm. I love to be awakened by violent thunder and lightening.

I'm only happy when it rains.....<br />
*end random musical interlude*<br />
<br />
I love the sound of rain on the roof. Though someone told that the fresh smell after rain is caused by mold spores breeding. I don't know if thats accurate though....